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Rusty Rivets is a CGI-animated television show from the studio behind PAW Patrol and Little Charmers. Star Rusty is a skilled inventor and mechanic who re-uses old machine parts and turns them into useful gadgets.


Fun Facts

  • Rusty Rivets is the third Spin Master show acquired by Nickelodeon.
  • Samuel Faraci, who provides additional different character voices on the show, is also the current voice of known as Rocky and PAW Patrol.
  • Early in development, Rusty's badge had a circle with an explanation mark on it.[Rusty

Rivets_Spin_Master_Nickelodeon_Early_Development_Sketches.jpg gear design decided] they rather have than a lightning bolt emblem on his orange shirt.

Featured Photo

Rusty, Ray, and Whirly.

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Behind the Scenes

Featured Episode: "Rusty Rocks"

Rusty Rocks.png

"Rusty Rivet and Ruby first episode.

Ruby competes in the Sparkton Hills: Talent Show with the help of Rusty and their Big-Bits.
  • During Production: This episode aired the first episode which every main character has appeared.

Title: Ruby Rocks".

Template:Ruby RocksTitle: Ruby Rocks

Featured Character: Rusty

Rusty Rivets Spin Master Nickelodeon Nick Jr. Character.png

Rusty Rivets is the title character and protagonist.


Rusty is a young inventor and mechanic who uses machinery spare parts to create his own makeshift contraptions.


Rusty has fair skin, bright green eyes, and dark blue hair. He wears blue jeans, a gray tool belt, a pair of goggles, sneakers, gloves, and an orange T-shirt with a lightning bolt badge on the center.


Rusty has his own Go-Kart, which he often upgrades: blue, gray, and orange. Rusty and Ruby uses their transport vehicle with an Detection Devise Area Tractor to transfer their Bit's-Machines to follow Them, To Arrive From and Leave Depart: Place to Place. They use an G.P.S. Bit-Map, A Tracer Sattle-Light Area Locater to search and find their whereabout's whenever they are needed.